QRP To The Field 2001

A Space Odyssey

Date:        Saturday, April 28, 2001

Time:      1500 to 2400 UTC (pick any 6 hours)

Bands:     40-20-15-10 meters, in the vicinity of the QRP calling
                      frequencies, please be courteous to others

Mode:      CW only

Power out (QRP only):    5 watts or less

As usual, this event is geared toward having fun while operating in the field,
away from commercial power. If you haven't seen the movie, then by all means,
go out and rent it. It's still one of the classics.

The theme for this year is to get outside and get as close as possible to a
monolith! You'll remember that recurring black monolith if you've seen the movie.
Just about everyone has a nearby location that involves some kind of water tower,
windmill, tall rock formations, park statues, big old oak tree, whatever! If it's
a large, looming object it's a monolith...before you ask, the Washington Monument
would qualify as a monolith...

If you can't determine a monolith location, then look for shuttle landing sites,
launch areas, UFO crash sites, anything to do with outer space. If you can't get
away to be near a monolith or space site, then set up out in your back yard or on
the back porch on battery power and be a field station. The whole idea of QRP to
the Field is to get outside and operate! If you're lucky enough to operate from an
interesting or historical site, please take the time to send pictures and a little
write-up about the area.

As a special treat, there will be several super stellar stations on the air!
These stations will be sending a special "name" so look for them. You'll earn
bonus points for each band they're worked on. Only the specific stations listed
on the Summary Sheet qualify for these bonus points, however. There will be
DAVE and HAL stations (open the pod bay doors Hal...), a friendly UFO invasion
by a bunch of ET's, and where would we be in this spaced out event without the
MOON or the planet MARS? So pack a lunch, grab your friends and get out there.
Let's have some fun!

A note of seriousness here. Please keep your personal safety in mind. After all,
an object isn't "looming" unless you're at the base of it. We want to have
everybody around for next year too. So use a little common sense and please
obey the laws governing your location.

Select any 6-hour operating period that works for you. If you need to split it
up into two or three hour intervals or more to accommodate other plans, then
feel free to do so. Jump in there when you can, but only work a total of 6 hours.
Work all stations once per band, bonus stations count once per band as well (see
summary sheet).

Categories:    Single Op Monolith Station
               Multi Op Monolith Station
               Single Op Field Station
               Multi Op Field Station
               Home Station

Exchange:      RST + SPC + Location ID + Name
               Example: 559 NM 4 UFO

Scoring:       20 pts - for each ID of 4 or 5 worked per band (Monolith stations)
               10 pts - for each ID of 2 or 3 worked per band (Field stations)
                5 pts - for each ID of 1 worked per band (Home stations)

               NOTE: Bonus stations count for QSO points as above AND additional
                     bonus points (see summary sheet)

SPCs:    count once per band

Location ID:    Single Op Monolith = 5
                Multi Op Monolith  = 4
                Single Op Field    = 3
                Multi Op Field     = 2
                Home Station       = 1

Final Score:    Total pts x Total SPC x Location + Bonus Points = Final score

            A summary sheet is available at the Norcal web site: